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Alarm and Video Surveillance

Our primary business is protecting businesses. We have a large commercial client base and have learned the key to a good security program is to make the systems actually do what the customers want. The technology for video surveillance systems improves every day. We love staying on top of this and bringing this technology to our customers. While we excel at video, we also can do all aspects of security for you. We are fully licensed, trained and certified to do:

  • Commercial Fire
  • Card Access Systems
  • Security Systems
  • IP Security Cameras

In todays world, society is based on pictures and video, so utilizing our surveillance systems will let you relax knowing that your company is in good hands. Implementing a surveillance system provides you:

  • 24/7 video of your business
  • The ability to view the surveillance system from your office, home computer, and even your mobile device
  • Remote management of your company

Combining the surveillance system with card access and alarm systems then gives you the most secure company possible. The card access system will allow the doors to your business open and close automaticlly, allow you to customize which employees can access what areas of the business and also see which employees are accessing these areas. Utilizing the alarm system along with the card access enables you to remotely secure your business wherever you are. We can also program the alarm system to warn you if the system was not enabled at the end of the work day, or can warn you of possible intrusions into your work place.

For more information, contact our Alarm and Video Surveillance Specialist, John Bowen, or email us.

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